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Ecstasy recovery

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Was doing ecstasy about once a week for the last couple of years and smoking herb most every day. Found meditation and liked it more than being high. Wanted my clarity back so quit everything in one night 4 months ago. Still don’t feel normal. Can’t concentrate. Feel scattered. Can’t sleep. Can’t remember. Depressed. Anxious. I am very worried. Friends tell me it takes time to feel normal again. I am scared it is not coming. What do I do?

  • Jennifer Hamilton Says ...
    Jennifer Hamilton

    I encourage you to seek out the help of a competent medical professional.  If you can find an Addictionologist in your area, that would be ideal.  This is a psychiatrist who specializes in addiction.

    I am not sure where you live, but if you can get to one of Dr. Amen's (Daniel) clinics, they could do SPECT scans of your brain for you and give you recommendations of what kind of diet, supplements and lifestyle choices would help your brain best recover as well as medication recommendations if needed.  Ecstasy is known to continue to cause problems with memory even once you discontinue use.

    Worry will not help your process.  Find someone who will help you to regain what has been damaged.

    Good luck. 


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