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Mike "Mad Dog" Bell Dies at a California Rehab

Mike "Mad Dog" Bell Dies at a California Rehab
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The late professional wrestler has been battling with addictions to both alcohol and painkillers. He was found dead by a roommate at the Ramona House treatment center, in Cosa Mesa, CA.

Bell had reportedly been sober for the past 60 days since checking into the rehabilitation center. An autopsy by the Orange County coroner could not immediately pinpoint a cause of death, pending toxicology tests.

Mike made his name wrestling on the WWE's "Monday Night Raw" program. According to Mike's brother Chris Bell "he was always wrestling, and he was a personal trainer. Pushing his body to the max were probably contributing factors."

Mike was the subject of a documentary released by his brother Chris, called Bigger, Stronger, Faster, which tells the story of his addiction to painkillers and alcohol.  "You can't really blame wrestling, but it's kind of the lifestyle" Chris says. You have a couple of painkillers to get to the next match, have a couple drinks night after night and it gets out of hand."

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