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Josh Hamilton A Living Testimony

Josh Hamilton A Living Testimony
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In his record-breaking performance at the All-Star Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium, last week, Josh Hamilton was a living testament that people can change their lives and can overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs.

A few years ago, Hamilton hit rock bottom when he was suspended from baseball for three years after it had emerged that he was addicted to alcohol and drugs - primarily crack cocaine.

Josh didn't give up but managed to turn his life around through his love of baseball. It took him eight rehab stints to finally kick his addiction. Although he may not have won the Home Run Derby crown last week, his victory over addiction makes him a winner on a much grander scale.

In a statement on ESPN Josh remembers that it was a humbling experience to be addicted. "Getting the addiction under control was even more humbling - and the reason, I got better," he says "is that he surrendered. Instead of asking to be bailed out, instead of making deals with God by saying, If you get me out of this mess, I'll stop doing what I'm doing, I asked for help."

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