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Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Executives

Drug & Alcohol Rehab for Executives

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Starlite Recovery
Starlite Recovery
Bayside Marin
Bayside Marin
Sierra Tucson
Sierra Tucson


  • Removing Barriers to Entry: By offering customizable treatment and allowing you to to meet professional responsibilities, executive rehabs programs fit around your requirements.
  • High Intensity Treatment: Executive rehab programs offer high therapeutic intensity with a low staff to client ratio
  • Luxury: Executive rehab programs offer 5 star accommodation, amenities and services.


Forget all the reasons why you can’t take the time to get help - executive rehab programs eliminate the barriers to your recovery. With executive rehab, no matter who you are, you can continue to meet your professional responsibilities while getting confidential world-class treatment in extremely comfortable accommodation and surroundings.

If you need confidential high-intensity addiction treatment that’s customized to let you continue to fulfill your professional responsibilities, then you need an executive rehab program.

At an executive rehab you can expect:

  • The highest standard of care – with low staff to client ratios, extensive individual therapy and individualized case management services.
  • The ability to meet work responsibilities – in an ideal world you go to rehab to focus exclusively on your recovery. In the real world, you can’t always abandon responsibilities so completely and an inability to work while in rehab just blocks you from getting help. Executive rehabs strive for a balance between allowing you to fulfill essential responsibilities and keeping you focused on personal growth.
  • Peers of a similar stature (other professionals and executives) – you get more out of group therapy sessions when your peers understand your reality and challenges.
  • Luxury accommodation – you can expect accommodation, food and amenities similar to what you’d find at a top hotel or resort.
  • Beautiful surroundings – with beachfront and mountain facilities, you’ll have the opportunity to recover and recharge in some of America’s most beautiful locales. 

Addiction is a progressive disease that takes a toll on your health, professional abilities and family life. Don’t let your disease get worse; with worsening addiction comes mounting consequences. You don’t have to suffer through consequences like professional embarrassment, disease and disability, the loss of important familial relationships and many more, but if you don’t retake control of your drinking or drug use, you probably will.

High-functioning people have trouble asking for help, but if you legitimately cannot control your substance use, then you have a legitimate need for professional treatment. Executive rehab programs remove the barriers to treatment entry. You can get help and you can retake control and the faster you get started the easier the process and the quicker you’re back on top of your life.

Make contact now to find out more about concierge treatment services and your executive rehab options.

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