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Expert Q&A

  • The homepage displays the most active experts over the last 28 days. Activity is defined by the number of questions an expert answers.

    However, quantity alone does not secure a homepage listing. Our editors evaluate expert contributions and may temporarily block "Most Active" experts from being displayed on our homepage should the overall quality of their published answers fail to convince.

    Expert Homepage Listing

  • The default Q&A display lists "Most Active" experts first. Activity is determined by the number of questions answered in the last 28 days. Experts that haven't answered anything during that period are sorted by total amount of answered questions. Naturally, listings for "inactive" experts appear after the "active" group of experts. Experts that haven't answered any questions yet are sorted by their sign-up date, most recent ones first.

    You further have the option to sort experts according to the following filtering criteria:

    • by "Latest Answers"
    • by total number of questions answered ("Top Experts")
    • by "Newest Experts"

    Expert Sorting

  • Users can post questions directly to an expert of their choosing, using dedicated forms. The expert then receives a notification of the a new question received by email and and an alerts in their dashboard when they log into their account.

    People often face similar problems and issues and so an expert's response will likely interest and benefit a wider audience. However, an expert has full discretion over the questions they choose to answer. Occasionally, they may feel that a question falls outside their expertise or jurisdiction. In that case, ChooseHelp's editors will re-assign legitimate unanswered questions to a different experts.

    Visitors posting questions may choose to remain anonymous.


  • If you are a licensed mental health professional, Choose Help offers you a featured spot on our website, allowing you to connect with our visitors directly via a self-managed Q&A format. It is a novel and seamless way for therapists and other treatment providers to connect with a large audience directly.

    • You get a highly visible and interactive therapist profile on our site. All completed Q&A's and expert listings are linked to your profile. You can add your contact details, bio, treatment modalities, website and Twitter feeds to it.
    • Our interactive listings go beyond the scope of other professional directories available online. Your Q & A responses to public questions generate interest and trust in your competence and authentic desire to help. This means our site visitors have the opportunity to get to know you much better.
    • If you have a website, blog, online counseling platform or social network profile, links from highly relevant content throughout ChooseHelp.com will point directly back to your own internet presence; ensuring you a genuine boost in website traffic and search engine rankings.
    • If you sign up now, you will gain free access to the premium features we are releasing in 2011 and 2012, including premium directory listings, article submissions, referral and online counseling tools

    What if you don't have much time to respond to public questions? Even if you post infrequently, you still benefit from a distinct, interactive and highly visible therapist profile on ChooseHelp.com - and with every answer you provide, the visibility of your profile page increases.

    Note: if you have an assistant or secretary you can add an Alternative Email in addition to your own (inside your Profile Preferences). This allows them to log in and manage your ChooseHelp.com account for you, using their own email. You still get notified directly about new questions, and can prepare your response "offline", while they deal with the "online" part. This option is an excellent way for clinics and organizations to be featured with more than one of their clinicians, as a single staff member can manage a group of online expert accounts.

  • You have full control over your profile on ChooseHelp.com. You can edit it simply by logging in to your account dashboard. In fact we encourage you to keep all information up-to-date, in particular your licensing information.

    You also have the option to edit your Q&As directly via your self-managed Q&A inbox, accessible via your account dashboard.

    Our editors may occasionally help with the formatting of your Q&As, moving questions that were filed in the wrong categories, fixing typos, and adding keyword tags.

  • Yes, during the beta period of our Expert Q&A platform we invite experts to join us completely free of charge. Accounts that were opened during this period will remain free once we start charging for professional accounts.

  • Head over to the sign-up page, now »

    Upon completion of your registration, you will be presented with an option to open a Professional Account.

  • Please use the contact form to get in touch with us. Our staff will be happy to help you.