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Cannabis Admiring Teen Distresses Parents

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    Our 17 year old may have tried marijuana once. But he seems to be very interested in it. He's for instance googling on what campuses have a "good weed scene". He's chatting with others and expresses admiration for older kids who are able to party with marijuana. We have talked to him about the dangers of marijuana on the teenage brain, discussed the recent book (from UPenn Neuro chair) on it. But nothing seems to have diminished his interest.
    What should we do? He won't listen to us parents.

  • David Johnson Says ...
    David  Johnson

    I feel for you. You are left with few choices. Soon he will be 18 and he will be able to make his choices without your interference. And marijuana is now legal for recreational use in a growing number of states.

    I would encourage you to let your son know your opinion, and be sure he has access to reliable information about the drug. Other than that your options are limited. I would advise against lecturing or making a big deal out of his choices. That may push him further down the path to regular use.

    Tell him you disagree, express your concern, love and support. Then let him learn on his own.

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