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Self Disclosure Is Awesome

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Hi Jim,
    I'm an LCSW currently working at a Substance Abuse agency.
    My question to you is: what are your thoughts regarding counselors talking about their own addiction history in groups with clients?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Hi there and thank you for your excellent question! I use a lot of self disclosure in working with addictions clients and trauma survivors. The reasons for this are:

    - Hope that my experience, strength, and hope might be beneficial

    - Acknowledgement of the simple truth that my clients are incredibly intuitive and can read me like a book anyway.

    - It makes me more real and more connected

    I practice therapy with a lot of vulnerability and no persona. The only real safeguard against self disclosure is consideration of whose needs are being met. I am a more private version of me when I'm working but I am an advocate for being real, making connections, and taking risks. I wish you the very best and if I can be of service please do not hesitate to contact me!



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