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Halfway Homes for the Halfway Home

  • christide Asks ...

    Is a halfway house a good idea for daughter, even if it is far from home? My daughter is in rehab for drug addiction and is also bipolar. She does not want to come home right away because of triggers/friends in area. She is looking into a halfway house about 3 hours from home. Is this something that is recommended for successful aftercare?

  • Jim LaPierre Says ...
    Jim LaPierre

    Thank you for your excellent question. The short answer is yes, yes, yes! Halfway Houses are a great support that affords additional accountability and structure for those who are leaving rehab or otherwise in transition. I hear loud and clear through your questions that you want to be supportive and want what's best for your daughter. Please consider this a short term investment that has the potential to pay off in spades. Transitions and changes are hard for all of us - in the context of Recovery they are precarious. This kind of planning is beneficial and please keep in mind she will need lots of support when she moves from one part of her recovery to another. Good luck and blessed be!

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