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A Directive Life Coach, Counselor or Therapist

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I have an overspending problem. I have worked with a credit counselor in the past to try to get a handle on my debts but I do not seem very capable of reigning in my spending habits. I guess since I can’t control myself that I have some sort of problem. What kind of therapist (or life coach?) should I try to work with to try to get my spending habits under control?

  • Kent Kinzley Says ...
    Kent Kinzley

    Find a counselor, therapist or life coach that is directive vs. a non-directive psychotherapist. It's important to interview and find one who will track with your thinking and feeling processes around spending and having those things you purchase (Cognitive Behavior approaches are helpful), help you set up a means of tracking your expenditures, hold you accountable for your spending, and recognize and validate your successes.

    Good luck!


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