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Starving Yourself as a New Eating Plan

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I addicted to food. Is a long fast or juice cleanse a good way to start a new eating plan. Sort of like how an alcoholic needs to give up drinking completely I feel almost like I need to give up eating completely to start to break free from its power over me.

  • Lita Perna Says ...
    Lita Perna


    This will most likely have a rebound effect in which you will feel deprived, be hungry and eat more, or eat unhealthy. Your body has a 'thermostat' which is a set point it strives to achieve and maintain. Starving yourself is never a good idea, and it does not work. You will be struggling against your body.

    You need to learn about healthy foods and healthy eating.

    Arm yourself with information.

    Work on your head first.

    Work on your emotions.

    Only then will you have the tools you need to succeed.

    One needs food to survive.

    No one needs alcohol to survive.

    You can give up alcohol.

    You can not give up food.


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