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Cure for Workaholism

  • anonymous Asks ...

    What's the cure for workaholism. I am fed up with my husband and his always being at the office. We have had lots of fights about it in the past but last night I really got angry and I asked for a divorce. My husband was shocked and he swore he could change. I am willing to give him another chance but I think he needs some professional help, but I am not sure of what kind?

  • Stephanie Adams Says ...
    Stephanie Adams

    Workaholism comes in many forms. It can stem from perfectionism, wanting so much to do a good job that it eclipses a sense of balance. Alternately, some workaholics find their identity from work; that's what makes them feel good about themselves. Naturally, we all seek out more of what makes us feel good! Of course, this gets to be a problem when it outweighs the needs of a husband or wife.

    Professional help does sound like a good thing for both of you - and I say both because when one person in a marriage has a problem, you both do, as long as you want to remain together. This didn't come out of nowhere. In order to overcome the workaholism, it's absolutely essential that you try your best to understand it. So what I'd recommend is a good marriage counselor in your local area who can help you explore how his work habits have affected both of you, and help you work together to find balance.

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