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Toastmasters is a Great Personal Development Program!

  • anonymous Asks ...

    I used to be a pretty smart guy. Then I got drunk for 15 years. Now I am sober again. Now I am living at my parents house again after a lot of years away and so I am seeing a lot of people like old friends that I have not spent much time with for a long time.

    Back in Minneapolis I was running with a boozing crowd that wasn’t known for its highbrow conversation. Now I am back talking to old friends that have professional jobs and I can barely get a coherent sentence out properly. I know I must have some brain damage from drinking because while I can still write Ok I am very slow verbally. Don’t know why. I hate it though. I hate seeing the pity and sadness in their eyes when they realize how I am now.

    I am sober now and the last thing I need is anyone’s pity. Is there anything I can do to get my IQ back? I am willing to work hard at something if it’s going to get me results.

  • Scott Graham Says ...
    Scott Graham

    I would encourage you to check out Toastmasters and consider joining.

    You will be challenged to build your verbal abilities, communication and leadership skills.  

    Toastmasters can help you speak more confidently and effectively whether 1:1 or in larger groups.  You will get feedback from a supportive group of people working on similar goals.

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