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Treatment and Sober Living

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    Do I need to go through a rehab program before I can get into a sober living house? Most of the places I have talked to are saying that I have to go through treatment first. I don’t think I need rehab again since I have been through it twice already. But both times after finishing rehab I relapsed pretty quick back to drinking. Now I think my biggest problem is just the people and place that I live in and with. I think if I tried to make a fresh start away from all that temptation it would be better. I am in Ventura County but I am currently unemployed and I have no children so I could relocate to anywhere. I am still drinking but I am ready to stop when I get things lined up. Any information or advice you have for me would be very welcome.

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    Melissa Borlie

    Before I start, let me explain that every individual is unique and their path to sobriety is just as unique. Not everyone takes the "established" path and many people achieve true and lasting sobriety in their own unique way.

    That said, the established path to sobriety is that an individual completes a treatment program, achieves new sobriety, and moves into sober living as a way to maintain that sobriety. The first problem is that you have not been able to achieve sobriety for more than a short time, so sober living cannot maintain something that doesn't exist. Another problem is the feeling that "people, places and things" have to change in order for you to achieve sobriety. You have been through treatment twice and know thoughts like this go directly against established 12-Step thinking which is that you can get sober--spouse or no spouse, job or no job, etc.

    My best suggestion is: find a sober living program who will accept you without treatment, go there and learn how to develop a new way of living without alcohol. If you cannot, enroll in another treatment program, learn everything you can, and then contact sober living.

    I wish you the best in your journey to a sober life!!

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