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Resource for children and adults dealing with alcoholism

  • banshee317 Asks ...

    Dear Friend,
    I am a psychotherapist in South Jersey. Two years ago one of my clients in recovery struggled with how to explain alcoholism to his young daughter. He was concerned that she would hear from neighbors and family members that Daddy was a "drunk". After an unsuccessful search for the perfect children's book to help him and his daughter he asked me to write one. "Daddy's Disease" is the result.
    “Tommy doesn’t know why his father doesn’t show up for dinners, or soccer games or why he acts funny sometimes. Tommy thinks it’s because his father doesn’t want to be with him, that he hasn’t been the best boy he can be, that he should try harder. But, Mommy tells Tommy that Daddy has a disease called “alcoholism”. She helps Tommy, and his faithful dog Murphy, understand what this disease is and how it affects Daddy, and the whole family. She teaches Tommy that he is not responsible for Daddy’s behavior and that gives Tommy the peace he needs to foster a healthy childhood.”

    In an easily understood, beautifully illustrated style, "Daddy's Disease" helps families to navigate the difficult waters of alcoholism.

    It is my hope that you will consider making this information available for the many children and adults who have been struggling with this devastating disease.

    Please feel free to contact me at 856-296-3775 with any questions. I thank you for your time and consideration and for all the good work you do.


    Carolyn Hannan Bell - www.alcoholismhurtskids.com

  • Zelik Mintz Says ...
    Zelik Mintz

    Dear Carolyn Hannan Bell.  Thank you for reaching out informing me about your book on how to address alcoholism with children, particularly in the format of a children's book.  So often children misinterpret dysfunction in the family, thinking of themselves as the cause of the dysfunction.  It is very helpful to frame alcoholism as a disease and not what is often thought of as a moral failing.  Your book sounds like a very valuable resource for families struggling with alcoholism and can be helpful for any addiction that affect the family.  I will keep your book in mind when I come across families struggling with this issue.  Good luck with getting the book out there! Best regards, Zelik Mintz, LCSW, LP


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