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HIV transmission sharing a smoke

  • anonymous Asks ...

    Can I get HIV if I shared a pipe with some guy that had bleeding lips. It was really dark in the park and my buddy saw this guy that he knew that is practically a homeless dude and the guy asked if he could have a few tokes and since I was baked I did not even think to worry about sharing a little herb. Then we walked into the street light and I saw this guys lips were bleeding from being so dry and cracked. I am freaked out and I can’t stop thinking about this. Should I get tested or am I being paranoid?

  • Zelik Mintz Says ...
    Zelik Mintz

    First I'd like to suggest that you get tested.  I recommend this because of your anxiety about sero-converting to HIV rather than because I think transmission in your case is likely.  Although theoretically possible to transmit HIV by sharing a smoke with someone who has bleeding gums or mouth, transmission needs an avenue to enter directly into the  bloodstream - cuts or abrasions in your mouth.  Hearing that HIV in your case is very unlikely will probably not be enough to fully relieve anxiety.  Talking to a physician and testing negative will hopefully be more effective in lessening your worry and concern.  


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