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Family member suspect of using

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    I have a family member that is addicted to IV meth. She has decided to try and sober up. She has agreed to stay with me for a week. She was in jail for the last 3 weeks. And arrived a few days ago her speech is kind of slurred at times and every once in a while she kind of seems a little off balance. When I visited her in jail her speech wasn't slurred she seemed to speak more clearly. I think she might be on something. Because she is only trying this for a week or so I assume whatever it could be will run out. I don't want to scare her off so I haven't asked her. Should I ask her? What should I do.

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    Zelik Mintz

    Asking a family member if they are using while professing to be sober is a very difficult decision.  Since shame and avoidance of admitting to using are part of addiction, the answer you get if asked may not be satisfying. Considering the family member is only staying for a week or so it may not be advantageous to ask unless you find that she is putting herself in immediate danger or may hurt others.  If you need to confront the issue, ask or address with her your concern without judgement?  You can preface asking by stating that whatever she is doing will not affect her being able to stay for the short period.  Also if asking, it is important to accept whatever answer she gives and show concern.  Trying to get her to admit to her use will be fruitless if she is indeed using.  Above all, show your care and concern so not to alienate her.  It is also important that you feel comfortable with or without her using.  Your comfort is as important as hers.  If it is too awkward to ask, offer whatever assistance you can give her that she needs to stay sober while she is in your home and after she leaves.  Staying sober is a day to day endeavor.   

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