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It is a major decision to seek the path to recovery from alcohol and other drugs. It takes courage and commitment. Twelve Oaks offers a supportive and caring environment with programs focused on all aspects of recovery. The program addresses the impact of addiction on the mind, body, and sprit and allows for healing to begin for both the individual and those who are part of their support system.

For over 25 years Twelve Oaks’ staff has helped individuals struggling with addiction. The goal is to help each individual return to a fully functioning life — healthy, happy and productive without the destructive behavior patterns so much a part of addictive lifestyle.

The Twelve Oaks Treatment Program uses evidenced based practices consistent with the Matrix Model and Twelve-Step Facilitation. Within this pattern of treatment, an individualized treatment plan is designed based on the specific needs of each patient. Our program has been developed by leading experts in the field of chemical dependency and incorporates a multi-disciplinary approach where each individual will participate in the many phases of the program.


The assessment phase consists of medical and psychosocial assessments. Additional assessments are provided as needed.

Treatment Planning

The individual and the therapy team will design a plan for treatment to focus on individual goals and objectives for recovery. Treatment is delivered primarily through group modality with ancillary individual sessions as needed. Groups are designed to inform and teach the addiction and recovery processes while discussion allows for identifying individual aspects. Process groups allow the individual to discuss and work through any precipitating factors to their addiction.


Detoxification medications are used to decrease any adverse effects in the process. All medications are prescribed and monitored by our attending ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine) certified physician.

Discharge Planning

Preparation for return to the community as a person in recovery is essential. Identification of the individual needs for continued recovery is applied to a plan that usually includes continuing treatment and living alternatives. In addition, the inclusion of Twelve Step Programs on a daily basis begins to form a new lifestyle.

Family Program

The family program is focused on educating family and friends, supporting the individual’s recovery in the addiction and recovery process as well as what they can do to support the recovery process. Family sessions can be arranged as well. Time to visit is included to learn about the changes the individual is making.


The staff at Twelve Oaks consists of highly qualified professionals who are skilled in diverse treatment modalities.

The focus for our staff is on providing an opportunity for the individual to increase understanding of their addiction processes and identifying the goals that are necessary for successfully maintaining their recovery. In addition, individuals need to identify the co-occurring issues that impact recovery. The counseling staff, all of which have been impacted by addiction in themselves or family members, seek to provide the care and support the individual needs to make the necessary changes in their life. The staff is comprised of masters prepared, licensed or certified professionals along with an active internship program of masters prepared interns supervised by the Clinical Program Director.

Cost of Treatment

Twelve Oaks strives to be as cost effective as possible while delivering clinical excellence. We accept most major insurances and work with individuals and insurances in forming a feasible plan including private pay. Twelve Oaks is also Tricare certified.

For admissions information call (855) 953-1285 now, toll free.

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