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Admissions Information

Our highly trained team will make the admissions process as simple and smooth as possible for the client and all family members. After speaking with you and learning about your needs, our admissions counselor will help select the appropriate level of care and the intake process will begin.

Refuge Admissions Image 1Our trained staff is ready to help answer any questions you may have. Call today for a free, confidential consultation. While your experience may vary, due to personal circumstances involved, in general this is what you can expect of the intake process:

Your initial inquiry call is answered by a live receptionist and immediately directed to an admissions staff member.

Initial information is gathered about current situation or crisis.
We will provide you with information about The Refuge program including treatment tracks, lengths of stay and costs.

We will set a time for a brief interview with the client in order to gather more in depth information such as background, family history, traumatic experiences, addiction problems, and treatment history.

If applicable and permitted, we will request client records from the last treatment facility attended and/or from a current or past physician, therapist, or other practitioner.

After the assessment, our team will review the case and determine if The Refuge is the appropriate program for the client and which levels of care will be most effective. We will discuss this decision with you right away.

If the client is an appropriate fit for The Refuge, we will begin the admissions process   immediately.

If we are not the right facility, we will provide referrals to other facilities more appropriate and assist you in connecting with the referred facility and getting the process started with them.

For admissions, call (866) 884-2977 now, toll free.

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