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Phoenix Outdoor Program

NC Therapeutic Wilderness Program
NC Therapeutic Wilderness Program
A unique teenage wilderness program serving adolescents ages 13-18. Located just outside Asheville, NC.

Admissions Information:

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About Phoenix Outdoor Program for Teenagers

Wilderness therapy accelerates the process of understanding underlying issues that drive negative behaviors. The program utilizes an outdoor setting to remove distractions while specialized counselors create an individualized plan for your teenage son or daughter to guide them toward needed behavioral changes - with long-term success in mind.

Structured time in a tranquil environment offers students the opportunity to examine their lives, discusses their issues with others, and to accept accountability for their behavior.

To ensure that your teenager buys into the process of change, Phonix Outdoor's wilderness therapy uses the dynamics of a positive peer culture that challenges and encourages students to develop healthy relationships with each other through the cooperation required to manage through the routines necessary to live in the outdoors.

How does the program work?

Students work in small, single-gender peer groups. Lead by a group of trained field instructors, they camp and hike in the U.S. National Forest and receive additional instruction during regular visits to base camp. At camp, students meet in individual and group sessions with a trained therapist to help them process their experiences and work through the issues that they struggle with.

During their time in the wilderness and at base camp, students are supervised by a team of professionals who keep them safe and teach them camping skills.

A Guided Approach to Self-Discovery

A trained adolescent therapist meets students individually and in groups to help them process their experiences and to open up a dialogue about their struggles.

Each week, the therapist directs the activities of the instructor team to provide individual assignments for each student. The therapist provides weekly updates to the parents and referral sources to monitor the teenager's progress and to create a long-term plan for success.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Because of the controls at Phoenix Outdoor, there is no possibility of having illegal substance invade the treatment process and there are none of the other distractions in a residential setting such as television, telephones and visitors coming in and out. Participants can't just walk out of treatment when they become frustrated with the process.

Additional drug and alcohol education is offered each week so that the adolescent can better understand the effects of substance use on their brains, bodies, and life. Group sessions, including 12-Step meetings, help focus the adolescent on how to use a supportive group to develop strategies to stay substance-free.

Family Integration

Families are supported through the process by a family therapist that helps manage anxiety, deal with emotions, and provide counsel and support. Parents are connected with each other through weekly parent teleconferences and educational seminars so they can gain information and support from each other. The latest technology links parents to their child through a secure web portal designed to hold pictures, letters, weekly reports and treatment plans.

The Phoenix Outdoor program is comprehensive in its support of teenagers and their families. The outdoor model combined with the integrated treatment and assessment program is highly effective in bringing about needed changes.

When do you need Phoenix Outdoor?

Phoenix is an appropriate option when your child's behavior has become unmanageable, when attempts to change their negative behaviors remain unsuccessful, and their choices put them at risk.

Indications that underlying issues need to be identified and corrected are -

  • a long track record of poor school performance
  • associating with a negative peer group
  • anger and opposition at home
  • depression, or
  • drug and alcohol abuse.

Therapeutic Base Camp

The Student Lodge Although students sleep in tent platforms at base camp, the Student Lodge can house students overnight in the event of a weather emergency. Rooms have bunk beds and individual bathrooms where students take showers after their return from the field. At night, the rooms are monitored and the Lodge is alarmed to ensure the students remain safe and contained.

Clinical and Operations Office The clinical department for Phoenix Outdoor is just up the hill from the Lodge. Therapists have easy access to students and can engage them in additional individual sessions, eat meals with them, or offer group therapy sessions. 12-Step meetings and classes are easily facilitated at base camp.

The Property Base camp is surrounded by beautiful woods, creeks and waterfalls. An energy wheel located near the lodge provides an excellent venue for nightly gatherings and ceremonies. Springs and creeks abound on the wooded property offering opportunities for reflection and quiet time.

Bio-Dome Greenhouse The base camp offers students the opportunity to engage in a variety of activities that are designed to support the program's therapeutic goals. A sophisticated bio-dome greenhouse and organic gardens allows gardening activities designed to foster group cooperation, promote shared responsibility, and draw metaphors from the growing process to their own personal experience.

Phoenix Outdoor operates under a Special Use permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service in the pristine wilderness of the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests.

Call our 24/7 helpline for admissions information: (855) 338-0499

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