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Rehab Activities

Here at Sober Living by the Sea in fun and sunny Newport Beach, we have learned to create an addiction treatment program that balances positive recovery education with physical and social activities.

Is there a connection between the mind and body?

We believe there is, and we're not alone. Many of the physicians and mental health professionals we interact with agree. Our colleagues see many patients who come to them for relief from alcoholism, drug addiction, or other physical ailments. In many cases, these patients are suffering from depression or anxiety disorders.

Here in Orange County California, we understand that chemical dependency and emotional issues often go hand in hand with deterioration of a client's physical well-being. We make sure that a physical fitness program is part of every client's rehab treatment plan. There is good reason to believe the recovery process is aided by a schedule of physical exercise. Several studies have found that exercise can trigger a feeling of happiness, tranquility, euphoria and creativity that can last anywhere from just minutes to several hours. Why not take advantage of such healing properties?

Balancing Addiction Education with Enjoyable Physical and Social Activities

Here at Sober Living by the Sea in fun and sunny Newport Beach, we have learned to create an addiction treatment program that balances positive recovery education with physical and social activities.

Our clients enjoy spending time in our vibrant recovery community here in Orange County, California and we keep them learning about their alcoholism or drug addiction on a daily basis by attending:

    • addiction workshops
    • recovery lectures
    • family groups
    • one-on-one and group therapy
    • 12-Step Recovery Meetings

But there are only so many hours in a day that a client can sit in groups and counseling sessions effectively. This is why the experience of recovering from addiction or an eating disorder in Newport Beach California is so beneficial. Clients will have opportunities to enjoy exercise and many outdoors activities to rebuild their confidence and strength. Many clients who come here after years of abusing alcohol or drugs like meth or cocaine are of the opinion that life will not be enjoyable without their drug of choice.

Meth users in particular are loathe to accept that they will soon be having fun in the sun without taking speed. That is why our mandatory activities are so effective. It will not be long until our clients are experiencing physically challenging and esteem building recovery activities in the Southern California area. Southern California has so much to offer recovering men and women and we do not just take our clients to the gym. There are many other fun social and esteem-building recovery activities we offer. Here is a partial list:

There are fun outdoors activities like:

    • Beachfront Barbeques
    • Sailing off of Newport Coast
    • Sports Fishing (weekly) off of the Newport Coast
    • Sand Castle Competitions
    • Disneyland
    • Universal Studios
    • Knott's Berry Farm
    • Palm Springs Excursion

and there are physical activities like:

    • Daily 24 Hour Fitness visits
    • Softball
    • Basketball
    • 5K Run
    • Golfing
    • Yoga

also, there are esteem building and enriching activities like:

    • Art Museums
    • Botanical Gardens Trip
    • Sawdust Festival
    • Movies
    • San Diego Zoo
    • Long Beach Aquarium
    • Church Visits (optional)

There is an activity offered every day of the week for our client to take advantage of. Our recovering clients will be out in the community learning enriching things and expanding their horizons at museums and community events some days and on other days will be having the time of their life at Orange County amusement parks. The important thing is that the men and women in our program will be with other recovering people (including chaperones from our treatment facility) feel like they are members of society and not living in a drug rehab. Soon after that client who was so entrenched in using speed (meth), alcohol, crack cocaine, or other drugs starts participating in physical and fun recovery activities, they will find that they are getting enjoyment out of participating in sober activities and building their strength back up to continue their recovery for the long term.

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