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Trauma Therapy


What you need to know about Trauma Survivors:

  • PTSD: While in time, most people will recover (emotionally) from a traumatic event, some people who experience a trauma will experience lasting disturbances, such as flashbacks and numbness, that don't go away without treatment.
  • Helping Kids after a Trauma: What's scary to adults can be terrifying to kids - help children recover by returning to a normal routine as soon as possible, explaining (as much as you can) what happened and by letting children take part in any recovery efforts.
  • Grief: While by nature a painful process, feelings of grief should subside in time. If you deal with feelings of grief that don't seem to get better and that interfere with your ability to function, you may have complicated grief and may benefit from professional assistance.
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Adult Therapy for Childhood Traumas

Could childhood trauma, abuse or neglect be the root cause of your substance abuse or unhappiness in adulthood? Learn how to recognize adult symptoms of complex childhood traumas and learn what types ...

Adult Therapy for Childhood Traumas
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