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Stress & Burnout


What you need to know about Stress & Burnout:

  • Coping Strategies: Though you can’t hope to eliminate stress from your life, you can learn coping, stress minimization and resilience strategies that can do a lot to reduce its negative impact
  • Stress and Memory: Chronic stress interferes with your ability to attend fully enough to form and encode memories and even with your ability to retrieve memories that were encoded. Even worse, a lifetime of chronic stress and accompanying elevated cortisol levels can result in damage to areas of the brain involved in memory processes
  • Caretaker Burnout: The demanding nature of caring for loved ones puts caretakers at a uniquely high risk of experiencing burnout – a debilitating stress condition which affects energy, motivation, mental outlook, empathy and much more. Once aware of the risks, caretakers are wise to employ preventative strategies which are proven to reduce the risks of burnout.
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Using the 12 Steps of AA without God or Alcohol

The 12 Steps of AA provide opportunities for healing, self discovery, and spiritual growth... even for individuals who never experienced addiction.

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