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Overcoming Sex Addiction – Is Abstinence Necessary?

Many sex addicts wonder how they can possible give up sexual activity to recover from their addiction (as a drug addict would need to give up drugs). Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, recovering sex addicts can continue to enjoy enthusiastic sex lives, only refraining from certain types of behaviors that can lead them into troubled territory.

Sex addicts in recovery can have enjoyable sex. Sex addicts in recovery should not, however, engage in:

  • Sexual activities that cause them to feel ashamed afterward
  • Sexual activities that could put real world relationships in jeopardy
  • Sexual activities that are illegal or “wrong” (wrong as you and your society define it)
  • Sexual activities that lead to sexual secrets
  • Sexual activities that take up an inordinate amount of time
  • Sexual activities that put you or another person at risk or in danger
  • Sexual activities that cause harm to another person

Like a compulsive eater in recovery cannot hope to avoid food, but must instead learn to live with food in an enjoyable and healthy way, a sexual addict does not need fear a future free from sexual fun or intimacy, only look forward to one free from the pains caused by sexual compulsion.

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