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Hypersexual Disorder


What you need to know about Sex Addiction:

  • Sex Addiction?: Although doctors don’t yet agree on what to call problematic sexual activities, there is little doubt that when people lose control over their sexual impulses they often act in ways that cause harm to self and to loved ones – and because of this, treatment often makes sense.
  • Porn Addiction: Do you find yourself spending more time than you’d planned on looking at online porn? Do you need to look at ever more extreme or taboo content to feel a same arousal? Do you ever view pornography at work, or in places where you may get caught in an embarrassing situation? If yes – then you may have a pornography addiction.
  • Abstinence: Fortunately, for those in recovery from sexual compulsivity, abstinence is rarely necessary. What is necessary however, is abstinence from certain types of problematic or secretive sexual activities.
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Overcoming Sex & Substance Addictions

Is it really sex addiction? If it is, how do you treat it and substance addiction at the same time?

Overcoming Sex & Substance Addictions
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