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The Benefits of Senior Rehab

Allowing abuse to continue should never be considered a kindness, and by allowing for continued abuse you greatly reduce the quality of life as experienced, increase the likelihood of debilitating injuries, increase the risks for a number of serious conditions, and reduce the expected lifespan.

The fact is that through a reduction in metabolic process efficiency, the physical devastation of drug and alcohol abuse is magnified amongst the elderly, and a quantity that may be consumed with little noticeable affect in a younger and healthy individual, can seriously harm an older and weaker body.

A slower metabolism means that consumed drugs are present and damaging in the body for far longer, and additionally that the likelihood of accidental overdose is increased. The loss of coordination induced through intoxication increases the probability of falls and resultant broken bones; and too often a loss of mobility.

Cognitive declines, premature and accelerated aging of the organs, an increased risk of cancers and heart diseases and a number of other conditions makes drug and alcohol abuse uniquely damaging within this population of users.

Whether it’s the loss of a spouse or the trauma of retirement, alcohol and drug abuse is not a healthy way to cope with life stresses, and the basal cause of the abuse, however comprehensible, can never justify the damage and reduction in quality of life that any substance abuse inevitably creates.

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