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Pain & Opioid Issues


What you need to know about Pain & Opioid Issues:

  • Pain and Addiction: Opioids are risky for people in recovery, but uncontrolled pain is also a serious relapse trigger. Fortunately, non-opioid based forms of pain management can provide significant relief.
  • Opioids and Depression: People with chronic pain face a substantially elevated depression risk. Research indicates that longer use of higher opioid doses increases this mental illness risk.
  • Psychological Therapies for Pain: Pain begins in the body but it affects the mind and spirit as well. Psychological therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy, are research proven to reduce pain.
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Depression, Chronic Pain & Opioid Misuse

Learn how opioids can lead to depression, how depression worsens pain and what to do when you have both pain and depression.

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