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Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is one of the most tested effective and efficient therapeutic techniques for a wide variety of disorders. Fortunately, CBT delivered online seems to work very well.

CBT is a therapeutic method that aims to help people correct ‘wrong’ thinking. According to CBT:

Wrong or destructive thinking creates negative feelings which in turn cause negative behaviors. If you can change the way you think about things, you can change the way you feel and act.

CBT is one of the moist extensively tested effective therapeutic techniques. It doesn’t take very long to learn, it can be practiced in your everyday life and you can start seeing real benefits quickly – CBT works very well.

There are a number of online CBT programs/courses that help people with conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders and more.1

These programs tend to be:

  • Free or very inexpensive
  • Done on your own time, in manageable course segments
  • Able to teach you skills that you can use to help you feel better right away!

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