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Is Online Counseling Right for You?

Although some people may find the convenience and anonymity of the online therapy experience attractive, there are some people who will not get as much benefit from a virtual therapy session.

Are you a suitable candidate for online counseling? Do you meet the technical and skill competency minimums? Ask yourself the following questions to find out.

  • Are you comfortable expressing yourself through chat or email communication?
  • If you are considering using text chat as a form of therapy, are your familiar with this type of communication – familiar expressing the nuances of emotion via text messages?
  • If you are considering email or chat counseling, are you able to put your thoughts into writing in a way that expresses what you truly feel and wish to convey?
  • If you are considering live-time chat as counseling, can you type fast enough to communicate your ideas in timely manner?
  • Is your internet connection stable and fast enough to facilitate seamless communication, particularly if you are considering video chat?

If you meet these minimum practical considerations, you may be an appropriate candidate to benefit from online counseling.

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