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Al-Anon, Family Needs to Take Care of Itself

Watching a loved one destroy themselves with drugs or alcohol can devastate, and although you don’t drink or drug, you suffer greatly as a spectator; and also suffer through the negative behaviors of the abuser.

You need to ensure that your health and well being are well cared for, and you are little help to anyone if you fall apart from the stress of it all. An organization with a long history of support for the families of alcoholics and drug addicts is al anon.

Al-Anon is an organization that treats the concerns of family living with an actively using addict or alcoholics. Al-Anon teaches what can and cannot be done to influence changes in drug seeking behaviors, and teaches family strategies that can both help an addict or alcoholic concede to treatment, and also allow you to live a happier and less worried life, even if your loved one doesn't stop using.

They can be a fantastic resource of education, of support and of comfort, and you can find an Al-Anon meeting anywhere in the nation.

Go to the Al-Anon Website.

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