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Cybersex Addiction

An unending supply of graphic content online can fuel a compulsion in some that results in some serious real world consequences.

The internet offers unparalleled access to sexually explicit material - with complete anonymity. This can lead some to compulsive viewing of internet pornography and a loss of control over their actions while online. This loss of control, when coupled with a need for ever increasing intensity of stimulation (tolerance) can lead men and women into behaviors they would not normally engage in.

Some signs of cybersex addiction (or problematic sexual activity online) include:

  • Spending a great deal of time each week engaged in sexual activity online
  • Suffering real world consequences (marital strife, for example) from online behaviors
  • Feeling guilty about sexual activities engaged in while online
  • Viewing content online that is illegal or taboo
  • Trying and failing to cut back on the amount of time spend engaged in online sexual activities
  • Engaging in online sexual behavior while at work
  • Others

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