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Internet Addiction


What you need to know about Internet Addiction:

  • Technology Rehabs: Specialized treatment centers now exist to help those struggling with compulsions to use technology. Unlike with drugs or alcohol, however, people in recovery from technology addictions must learn how to use technology responsibly, since abstinence is hardly an option.
  • Depression: Kids and teens that spend a lot of time glued to a screen each day are more likely than their more active peers to experience depression and other mental health ailments. Additional consequences of excessive screen time can include insomnia, bullying, poor school performance and reduced creativity.
  • Withdrawal Effects: Do you feel irritable or depressed when you can’t get online? If so, you meet one of the criteria used informally to diagnose internet addiction.
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How to Spot and Treat Internet Addiction

How do you know when a lot becomes too much? Five ways to identify an internet addiction and what to do if have one.

How to Spot and Treat Internet Addiction
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