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Turning Your Live Over to God's Guidance

Recovery prayers begin with an acceptance of our imperfections and a desire to enact change with the assistance and guidance of God.

Prayer in drug treatment to remove our shortcomings

We pray to renew our relationship with our Lord and to better understand His will for our lives. Accepting God into our lives and into our recoveries begins the spiritual process of healing, and praying in drug treatment begins with prayers to the Lord for guidance.

Spiritual conceit leads to unhappiness, and for too many, to addiction and substance abuse. We are imperfect beings and we remain flawed regardless of what we do; but we can improve our lives and improve our actions through an honest and faithful prayer to God to remove out weaknesses and shortcomings. A belief in our personal strength of will and the inherent rightness of our actions gets us into difficulty and into spiritual despair. Only after we recognize our faults and our need for spiritual and moral guidance can we begin to improve ourselves and live a better life for self, for family, for community and for God. Prayer in drug treatment begins with a request to God to assist us in recognizing and removing our shortcomings, so we may have the strength to live better lives of sobriety.

Prayer in drug treatment to seek the guidance of God

Because we have honestly admitted to ourselves and to God that we are powerless over our addictions and the behaviors of substance abuse, and we have requested that God better our lives by removing some of our shortcomings that may lead us to abuse; we also use prayer in drug treatment to better understand God's will. We pray to better understand how we can use the strength of the Lord to better our lives, and use His guidance to lead us away from temptation in all forms.

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