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Benefits of Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous support groups offer a number of benefits to newly recovering drug addicts in rehab.

Fellowship and Peer Support

The fellowship and peer support of others struggling and succeeding through similar addictions recovery can lend support and inspiration; and through the guidance of a Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, the teachings of Narcotics Anonymous in drug treatment can be more easily and comprehensively integrated into a personal recovery plan.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings may start in drug treatment programs as a part of a more complete programming, but since the philosophy of Narcotics Anonymous is that addiction is a disease for life, the support of the group is recommended for a long period of aftercare. The longer and more intensive the aftercare, the better the eventual prognosis of recovery; and using Narcotics Anonymous both in drug treatment and throughout the initial months and years of released sobriety greatly betters the odds of continuing success and relapse avoidance.

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