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Criticisms of Narconon

Narconon, partially due to its affiliation with the Church of Scientology, has been subject to substantial and sustained criticisms of its methodologies for years.

Medical professionals claim that not only are the drug treatment methods employed by Narconon not effective, they can also be dangerous.

The Narconon philosophy is based upon the quasi scientific teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, and his teachings are taken as doctrine within the program; however independent scientific examination of much of his teachings find that they are based on half truths and incomplete scientific knowledge. Some of the programs are based upon science that has been discredited as completely false.

Vitamin therapy (some say vitamin overdose) particularly the use of niacin is used to accelerate metabolite detoxification. The belief of Narconon is that niacin breaks down fat, which is a claim that medical science disputes. Additionally, medical professionals warn that the Narconon philosophy that does not allow for the administration of pharmaceuticals during detoxification is very dangerous, and both increases the experienced discomfort as well as the likelihood of seizures, suicides and heart failures.

Narconon is also persistently criticized for its ties to Scientology. Although in an effort to gain access to certain governmental programs, Narconon has minimized its ties to the Church of Scientology, critics say that all of the teachings and methodology of Narconon are essentially the pure religious teachings of Scientology; and that Narconon operates as an effective recruitment ground for the church. Because of its association with the religious sect, Narconon is rarely granted admission to public facilities or public school programming, although it tries persistently to gain access.

Narconon has even been accused of harassing critics of its methodologies. It remains extremely secretive about recovery data, and all studies that have been released supporting the methods have in fact been performed by people with affiliations to Scientology or Narconon. So determined to maintain secrecy, Narconon has been repeatedly accused of harassing journalists who attempt to uncover truths about the organization.

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