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Claimed Success Rates

Narconon drug treatment graduates are considered re socialized, and are not required to continue attending weekly meetings or any other form of aftercare.

Average success rates as claimed range from 75% to 85% complete abstinence after completion of the program, and if students ever do relapse back to drug or alcohol abuse, they are encouraged to re take some of the courses to consolidate lessons that must have been missed for abuse to have reoccurred.

Although advertised success rates are incredibly high, there has been no outside verification of success rates as advertised, and attempts to review details of these statistics are normally denied by Narconon leaders. Independent clinical studies of the treatment have revealed success rates that are much lower than those claimed, and a major Swedish study of Narconon and relapse reported that just under 7% of graduates remained abstinent from drug and alcohol abuse…which is a fair bit lower than the 75-85% as advertised.

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