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Minimizing the Legal Repercussions of an Arrest

A reason to change?
An arrest has often enough been the motivation a person needed to finally initiate life-altering changes.

After a DUI

Although entering into drug treatment after a DUI to minimize the potential legal consequences of the act is not necessarily the best of reasons to initiate treatment, many people find that once they enter and participate in the programming of drug treatment, their motivations and self perceptions change, and they eventually benefit greatly from the offered drug treatment.

Using the time after a DUI arrest but before trial and sentencing to get needed drug treatment can show the judge of your conviction to change your behaviors, and illustrates your remorse over the event. Entering drug treatment after a DUI in an effort to reduce the severity of the imposed sentence is not a guarantee of lenient treatment within the judicial system, but a personal acceptance of the problem and a proactive step towards substance abuse treatment may result in a greatly reduced sentence within the courtroom.

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