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The Limits of Acupuncture in Drug Treatment

The only comprehensive and clinical study of acupuncture and addiction has been funded by the National Institute of Drug Addiction (NIDA) and although the study did indicate a positive correlation between recovery and acupuncture, the eventual recovery rates were not as impressive as had been hoped.

Acupuncture advocates explain that the mediocre results occurred as a result of the methodology that tested acupuncture alone against a measure of recidivism. Acupuncture they explain is an excellent treatment aid to the physical symptoms of drug withdrawal, and even to the mental effects of recovery; but it does nothing to change drug seeking behaviors, nor does it solve any of the problems that may lead users back to abuse. Acupuncture is only truly beneficial when it is combined with a more comprehensive program, which also includes therapy, group meetings, nutrition and other aspects of a total rehabilitation package.

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