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How to Find a Quality Drug Rehab

Not all drug rehabs are created equally. Look for a few signs of quality that suggest effectiveness in any drug rehab under consideration.

Some of the many thousands of addiction treatment facilities across America are better than others. While most drug rehabs are run by people sincerely interested in helping you get better, you still want to make sure you get the help you need at a place that offers you a real chance at lasting recovery.

Look for these signs of quality:

  • A licensed and accredited facility
  • A clean and well managed facility
  • A facility that boasts a high program completion rate (arguable this is the only statistic that really matters)
  • A facility that takes your insurance or will work with you to arrange suitable payment arrangements
  • A facility that uses medication, when appropriate
  • A facility that offers an extended aftercare program
  • A facility that encourages family involvement in the process1

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