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Make Amends to God

A lot of us drug and alcohol abusing Christians (although we may never lose our Faith) come to wonder when times get tough…why has Christ forsaken me?

We wonder why we must suffer through the pains of addiction. We are not bad people, we pray, we have Faith; and yet little of God's love seems to touch our lives of misery.

Yet when we truly examine our lives, we often come to realize that although we profess humble Christian lives and a great religious Faith; inside…deep inside, we do not truly listen to the word of God.

We say one thing and in our hearts and through our actions, we profess something very different. You can fool a lot of people with what you say, but ultimately you can't fool yourself; and you can never fool Christ.

Psalms 34:15
The eyes of the LORD [are] upon the righteous, and his ears [are open] unto their cry.

We cannot demand from the Lord what He would give us freely…that's not how it works around here! We cannot say, "Lord, why do you let me suffer?" when we do not listen to His word and we do not act as He wishes. We ask for everything, but we offer nothing of ourselves in return.

If you make amends to those that you have wronged seeking something in return, then you offer to Christ nothing. Yet when you start to make an honest and empathetic amends to those that you have wronged, seeking only to do right by them; you also start to make amends to Christ.

And the difference is monumental, and once you start to truly act as a Christian, once you do right in deed and also in thought; you will find your soul cleansed… and to replace your spiritual conceit, God's love, strength and grace will flow inwards.

If you make amends to find God's love, you will find nothing.

If you make amends to to truly right a wrong, you will find God's love.

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