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Make Amends to Community

We don’t live in this world alone, and what we do has consequences, both good and bad. When we do wrongs, others suffer, and although making amends cannot take back all of the pain you've caused…it is the most you can do, and that is enough.

Before you start making amends, pray for guidance. Pray for the strength to do what is difficult. Pray for the wisdom to listen when you want to speak, and for the understanding that although you may not like what you hear, and it will rarely be what you expect it to be…it is what you must accept.

Understand that when you start making amends to others, that you must approach it with an empathetic heart. You must walk into the moment thinking only how you can do this best to right your past wrongs. Striving to create no additional pain, and only to ease whatever pain you can.

Do not expect forgiveness. It may come, it may not…but making amends is not about seeking forgiveness; it is not about you, it is about them and making things right for them. Whatever they may say to you, it's OK. It's what they want to say, and you need to just listen, accept it, and do what ever you can do to ease their hurt.

They may have wronged you too! It doesn’t matter. You are not trying to even a balance sheet, that's not your job to do! Just do what you can and think of their needs before your own, try to do no harm and try to make things better. You can’t do any more than that.

Put their needs before your own. You do it for them, never for yourself.

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