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Christian Recovery - Jesus Said, One Day at a Time!


Don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.

Mathew 6:34

Jesus says this – Jesus says, in all things, live one day at a time - and for those of us in recovery, we'd better listen to Christ!

We get so panicked worrying about how we will stay sober tomorrow, next week, at the holidays, that we forget the preaching of Christ. Unbelievers worry about tomorrow, the faithful know that God will provide!

God knows what we need and He will provide, the Bible tells us so. Live righteously, believe in the Lord, and he will give you everything you need!

The cravings of addiction or alcoholism are temptations away from the Lord, and we must resist them. God will provide us with the strength we need to do so, today! If we believe in Him, pray to Him, and live by His word, He will grant us the strength to serve him.

What good is worry? You are powerless over your addiction, God is not. You cannot control yourself without His help today, or tomorrow. Do you believe in the Lord? Do you believe His Word? Let it go, trust in the Lord to provide answers for tomorrow, when tomorrow comes, He will!

We fool ourselves when we worry. Worry feels like an appropriate response to the gravity of our situation, it feels right – but it's wrong! Worry does no good; worry takes us far from the Lord. When we worry we do not put our faith in God. When we worry, we do not truly believe; and when we do not believe, God cannot help us. Worry, although it feels right sometimes, does nothing but harm.

Forget about tomorrow, live for the Lord today. Serve Him today – don’t drink or take drugs for today only, and tomorrow will sort itself out.

Find peace in the Word. God knows what you need. He tells us not to worry, that He will give us everything we need. Have faith today, and everyday – one day at a time!

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