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Prayers for Each of the Christian 12 Steps

The Power of Prayer Through the 12 Steps

Restore your sanity, your sobriety and your need for Christ through an honest and committed working of the Christian 12 steps.

The 12 steps work and if you follow them with an open and yearning heart, they will work for you. They will keep you from drink or drugs, and they will also reawaken your dormant relationship with Jesus Christ; and for these two reasons, the Christian 12 steps to sobriety demonstrate a remarkable power.

They are life changing; they lead you away from temptation as they shepherd you back into the arms of Christ. Through an honest working of the 12 steps, you cannot help but learn the true meaning of Christian humility, and you cannot help but feel God's grace transform your life.

Yet although the 12 steps are powerful beyond measure, they are not easily practiced. Truly great things in life rarely are, and your journey through the steps is sure to be a difficult and sometimes painful journey of self discovery through Christ. You - with God's grace - will emerge a better person, but you will also struggle on your journey.

The following prayers have been used by the faithful for more than 50 years through the traditions of AA, and they provide solace in times of turmoil, and inspiration in times of despair.

All of the prayers in this section are taken from the AA Big Book.

Pray mightily to God, and He will lead you from addiction…believe that He can heal you, and He will.

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