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9th Step Prayers

Faith without good works means little.

Step 9 of the Christian 12 steps is a tough one. It's here where you start to put into practice the ideals of Christian living, and demonstrate to your family, community, and to God of your commitment to change, and a better life through Christ.

Making amends is hard. You have to make amends not knowing what you'll get in return, and what you get in return is actually beside the point. You do not make amends for yourself; you make amends to make amends. You do it because you have wronged, and it's right to make things right. You may get forgiveness; you may get a door slammed in your face. You do what you can, you do the best you can, and you can do no more than that.

But wow, few things are harder in life than making honest amends. When you have done someone a real wrong - and when they have every reason to feel angry - to walk up and make things right, this takes incredible commitment and courage.

Do this step well. It's important, and when it's done you will feel better. You may suffer during, and you may pay a price for your willingness to make amends, but when you do it right a load of guilt is lifted, and you are at last truly ready to move only forwards.

Pray for courage and resolve.

AA Big Book 9th Step Prayer

God give me the strength and direction to do the right thing no matter what the consequences may be. Help me to consider others and not harm them in any way. Help me to consult with others before I take any actions that would cause me to be sorry. Help me to not repeat such behaviors. Show me the way of Patience, Tolerance, Kindliness, and Love and help me live the spiritual life.


Anonymous 9th Step Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father

Where I have done wrong, help me do right
I have done enough harm, and I ask Your help, so that I may do no more
I'll need more courage than I've got, help me be strong
I've been selfish, help me be selfless
Come what may, help me bear it
As I have in past harmed completely, help me to finish this, completely
I have been willful and hurtful; please grant me humility and humanity
Lord, help me be better
Better for You



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