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6th Step Prayers

The difficult task of completing a moral inventory does little good if we do not use our newfound self-awareness to change our lives.

In the 6th of the Christian 12 steps, we pray to God so that we may free ourselves from those negative traits of character that we may yet cling to.

We are imperfect, we have faults, and pettiness and meanness, and only through God's grace can we hope to overcome our human weaknesses.

The 12 steps are called steps for a reason. They are an upward journey, and all steps have meaning, and you can’t get to the top without climbing all of the steps. The 6th step calls for faith, it asks that we open our hearts fully to God, and that we be ready to have Him lead us forward, finally free from those petty resentments and fears that have for so long kept us in worldly pain.

It, like all the steps, is difficult yet necessary, and through the power of prayer you will climb it.


AA 6th Step Prayer

God help me become willing to let go of all the things to which I still cling. Help me to be ready to let You remove all of these defects, that Your will and purpose may take their place.


Anonymous 6th Step Prayer

God, thank you for helping me realize what I am
And thank you for helping me realize how much I need You
God I'm going to try to do better, but I need your help
Help me to live better, for You
Help me to see my wrongs and faults, at all times
And help me to overcome my weak and sinful nature
God, I've been away for too long,
Help me to stay with You, for You, and for always


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