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Christian Recovery


What you need to know about Christian Recovery:

  • Let Go and Let God: Recovery takes work, but when we trust in God to show us the way we gain the wisdom we need to walk the right path
  • The Christian 12 Steps: These steps, which are similar to the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, have you pray to Christ by name and use the power of Faith, humility, forgiveness and good works to provide a framework for a recovery journey
  • Christian Rehab: Faith based residential treatment centers use the best of secular recovery techniques combined with the powers of prayer, Christian counseling and bible study.
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Focus on the Positive - Let God Handle the Negative

Get Out of Your Own Way addresses how we stand in our own way of moving forward in life. We get in our own way with our negative thoughts, procrastination, fear, and doubt, etc. We can move forward ...

Focus on the Positive - Let God Handle the Negative
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