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Marijuana – Daily Smokers Talk About the Harms of Frequent Use

Self-Reported Problems from Marijuana Use

According to self-report information provided by marijuana users of varying frequencies, the odds of experiencing problems stemming from marijuana use, not surprisingly, increases with more frequent use. By comparing the problems faced by those who smoke daily with those who smoke once or twice a week you can see clearly how frequency of use plays a major role in likelihood of problems and how moderation or abstinence is a more sensible course of action.

Comparing the problems caused by marijuana use between daily, and once or twice a week users of the drug:1

  • Because of their drug use, daily marijuana smokers were almost twice as likely as weekly (once or twice as week) marijuana smokers to self report feeling depressed or losing interest in things in life, 12.6% compared to 6.6%
  • Daily users were almost twice as likely to report feeling alone or isolated, 6.1% compared to 3.1%
  • Daily users were more than twice as likely to report feeling suspicious and distrustful of others, 8.4% compared to 4.1%
  • Daily users were more than twice as likely to report feeling irritable and upset, 5.5% compared to 1.9%
  • Daily users were more than three times as likely to report having difficulty handling problems in life, 5.5% compared to 1.5%
  • Daily users were more than three times as likely to report having health problems stemming from their use of marijuana, 3.1 % compared to 0.9%
  • Daily users were more likely to find it difficult to think clearly, 19.9% compared to 14.3%

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