Adult & Teen Challenge of Oklahoma

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909 South Meridian Avenue
Oklahoma City
Oklahoma County
73108, United States

The mission of this ranch-based Adult & Teen Challenge is to provide youth, adults and families an effective and comprehensive faith-based prevention or solution to drug and alcohol addiction and other life controlling problems.

Program Overview

  • 215 Beds
  • Age Group 14 - 99 years
  • Patient Population

    • Adults
    • Children/ Teenagers

Payment Options

  • Self-Pay
  • Sliding Scale

Treatments Offered

  • Addiction Counseling
  • Faith-Based Recovery

Extra Services

  • Education Services

Facility Description

About the Program

Our objectives are to enable students to find freedom from addictive behavior, and to become socially and emotionally healthy, physically well and spiritually alive. With committed staff, effective programs and vocational training, Teen Challenge endeavors to produce graduates who function responsibly and productively in civil society, and who have healthy relationships in the work place, family, church and community. At Oklahoma Adult & Teen Challenge, we would find it heart-breaking to merely see a person set free from the bondage of sin only to pursue a life of selfish gain. We aim to equip men to take dominion of their lives, their families, their communities, their schools, their work environments, and etc. by becoming servants of Christ who live to bring glory and honor to God in each and every role God would assign to them.

Admissions Process

OK Ten and Adult Challenge offers treatment in six locations in Oklahoma - three for men and one for women.

The centers for Teen Girls and Teen Boys combine Boarding School, Therapy and Education, aiming at troubled or misbehaving girls and boys, age 14-18.

Treatment and Philosophy

Our overall philosophy regarding our students is that we are here to support them and to give them the best opportunity to implement change in their lives so first that might be restored and secondly so that the relationships with their parents and family might be restored. We firmly believe that we are created with a purpose of relationship in our lives. First, for a relationship with God but secondly for a relationship with each other. God saw this! He created more than one person because “it is not that man is alone”. Relationship is the cornerstone of what we do! We implement this in several ways. We strive to provide a family type atmosphere and overcome the institutional feel. Each student is assigned an advisor that acts as a mentor to the student and a direct connection back to the parents. We also have a very intense curriculum that mirrors traditional therapy practices. Group Studies and Personal Studies for new Christians (GSNC & PSNC). This curriculum has been developed and proven over several decades around the globe to be effective in helping young people overcome life controlling issues, and learn more about themselves. This allows them to become better individuals, restoring their lives and in turn restoring their relationships.

Adult & Teen Challenge of Oklahoma Reviews

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3 months, 3 weeks ago

Oklahoma Teen Challenge was a nightmare. I went due to depression/suicidal ideation and lack of motivation as well as minimal anxiety. My mental health did not only get worse, but so did my spiritual health.

No matter how small a mistake you make, you got a discipline for it. One discipline, written or physical, meant no snack or non-uniform clothing for the week in addition to what they decided they wanted you to do. This heavily increased my anxiety which in turn increased my depression. In regard to dealing with depression or other problems, all you received was a half-hour per week to speak with an assigned mentor (not a certified therapist). Nothing else.

I don't know where the enormous amount of money my parents were paying was going either. The majority, if not all, of the food was donated and usually came out of a can and/or expired. I got food poisoning the first few days down there. They claimed they would take me to the doctor for 3 days until the head woman decided I was faking. The amount of guilt trips and manipulation was absolutely insane.

Of course the worst part, and the reason I'm leaving this review, was the spiritual aspect of it all. The most basic description I can give is "borderline cult." They had these worship nights on Sunday and Wednesday (if you were a high level you got to go to Youth Group instead) that were beyond words. They would turn on music and there is no other word for it than absolute 'chaos.' There was screaming and fits of coughing as well as fainting and laughing. False speaking in tongues (Yes I believe in speaking in tongues, however that was repetitive gibberish and nonsense.) There were girls claiming to have visions of heaven and dead loved ones. And all of this was praised and seen as normal. The new girls, especially those who had never been exposed to any sort of Christianity before, always had these horrified looks while this went on.
The staff members forced you to participate in their form of worship. There was quite a few occasions where I was forced to stand up and raise my hands. If you did not, you got a discipline. Silent prayer was not accepted. The gifts of the spirit were much more praised than the fruits of the spirit. I was not a "good Christian" because I preferred silent worship rather than chaotic rambling and screaming.

A side note regarding the gifts of the spirit is that some of the staff members boasted of their abilities that were... questionable. One in particular always claimed to have the gift of healing and bragged that she could pray over someone's scraped knee and it healed days later. (Pretty sure it would have healed anyway.) The staff members (not all, some were decent) often acted as though they needed to be the ones in a Teen Challenge.

Case and point: If you are looking for a good Christian Girls Home for Teens, stay far away from here.

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How much did you pay? $35K+
How did you pay? Self-Pay


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