Ed Lynde Schmookler

Ed Lynde Schmookler

Last updated: Jul 17, 2016 | Q&A's: 6


Years in Practice: 30+ Years
Graduated from: University of California, Berkeley, CA
Year Graduated: 1982
Other Credentials: 2010
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  • Rage and PTSD
    My husband is an Afghan war vet and he is now dealing with PTSD as well as lingering physical trauma injuries. He gets PTSD counseling with the VA but after about a year of therapy he doesn’t seem that much improved to me. I feel really terrible ...
  • My Fiancee can get violent. She was abused as a child
    My fiancée grew up in a terrible and very violent household. Her father beat her mother regularly and would also beat and humiliate my fiancé and her sister pretty regularly. Her father died when she was 23. She is now 28. She has told me some of ...
  • DID or Factitious?
    I have been in and out of numerous treatments for an eating disorder over the past few years. I knew of one reoccurring traumatic event that happened when i was from the ages of 7-12. However, upon going into a treatment that focused both on Trauma ...
  • Afghanistan PTSD
    My husband is a civil engineer who works on contracts rebuilding Afghanistan. He works 3 months overseas and then comes back for a month off. He has been doing this for a couple of years now and the money is really very good. He has been back now ...
  • Getting Over a Violent Robbery
    I experienced a violent home invasion about 4 months ago. I came home to find a robbery in progress and was beaten very badly before the intruders fled. I couldn’t remember much of anything useful to identify them, and so they have not been ...
  • Do I really need therapy? Usually, I handle my own problems.
    A decade ago, I survived a car crash that killed my wife. It wasn't our fault. But to this day I have memories of my wife crying out for me as she lay dying. I simply cannot get over it. I have remarried now for 6 years. My new wife is ...

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