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Gale Houses Inc. (Olson House + Gale House)

Gale Houses Inc. (Olson House + Gale House)
Four to 6 month residential sober living housing for men and women. 12 steps, vocational training and individual and group therapy. Affordable to all, in Baltimore.
  • Free/Affordable
  • Men
  • Three Months+
  • Women

Gale House for adult women and Olson House for adult men offer 6 month or longer residential recovery housing for those who have already completed some primary rehab treatment. All must abide by the rules of the house, stay sober and contribute a portion of their salary (all must work) to treatment costs.

  • Contact Details

    Gale House
    336 North Market Street
    Frederick, MD 21701
    (301) 662 2303

    Olson House
    608 East Patrick Street
    Frederick, MD 21701
    (301) 662-7003

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