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Consult a therapist before making a decision

  • anonymous Asks ...

    My son is into marijuana and he does not do well at school. He has an attitude problem at home and I do not know how to make him understand that he is putting his future at risk. He is a very bright boy who seems determined to throw his future away. I am threatening to send him to military school. He doesn’t think I will do it but I might. Do military academies work well for kids who aren’t doing well in regular school and are doing drugs and getting into trouble. It is very hard to get a straight answer from anyone about if they actually work or not? He would hate it there and I would miss him but I am worried that unless I can get him back on the right path now while he is only 13 then I will miss my chance forever.

  • Dr. Shirley Schaye Says ...
    Dr. Shirley Schaye

    You mentioned that your son would hate it if he were sent to a Military Academy. His behaviour is indicative of the fact that he is having psychological problems. Just punishing someone does not improve the behaviour. If you let me know where you live --- city, state and zip code, I will help you find someone for him. Let him have a full in person evaluation to see what the next step should be. It might be that therapy may help him so that he can function better.

    Dr. Shirley Schaye

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